Eczema Honey Brown Sugar Face & Body Scrub


For those with sensitivity with salt scrubs, our Eczema Honey Brown Sugar Face and Body Scrub is the ideal solution that provides the exfoliation, moisture, and nutrients your body needs in one convenient, all-in-one scrub. We’ve created a special formula that combines that soothing power of Light Brown Sugar with our unique blend of high quality ingredients that delivers a treat to your skin.

Keep this on hand, on your bathroom counter, or bedside for consistent use to make hands feel confident!

Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin E Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil Highly effective emollient that soothes dry skin.
  • Light Brown Sugar More gentle than salt and softer than granulated sugar. Exfoliates dead cells from the outer skin and hydrates the skin, it gives the skin a shiny glow.
  • Beeswax Intense moisturizing. Rich in Vitamin A.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal For Gentle Comfort.
  • Honey Excellent Humectant.

How To Use:

Scoop as much as needed and massage evenly and gently to your skin for fast absorption. Rinse well and towel dry. Please use with caution around open wounds.

**Test for Allergic Reaction Before Use:

A small percentage of people may have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients found in Eczema Honey. As a precaution, please review the ingredients and do a patch test by applying a bit of the product on an unaffected area first to see how your skin reacts. After a few minutes, if there is no redness or irritation, continue to use the product as suggested.

Why Choose Eczema Honey Brown Sugar Face and Body Scrub:

  • High Quality Oils and Organic Light Brown Sugar
  • Safe for all ages and skin types
  • Never tested on animals

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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