Eczema Honey Premium Cotton Gloves (24 Pairs)

$23.95 $24.95

Your hands are a prime target for eczema triggers, especially when exposed to water and other fluids.

Whether you are working with irritating chemicals or doing household chores, Eczema Honey Premium Cotton Eczema Gloves are a super comfortable way to protect your hands and provide the eczema relief you need.

Our Premium Cotton Eczema Gloves feature

  • 100% Cotton  Gentle on skin and amazingly thin for excellent breathability.
  • One-Size Fits Most  Fit for optimal convenience.
  • 24 Pairs  48 gloves per box for excellent value.
  • Easy to Clean  Simply wash them in perfume-free and dye-free soap and reuse.

Eczema Honey Premium Cotton Eczema Gloves can provide significant relief from your eczema symptoms. These gloves were created after being highly requested by our community, so we are excited to share this amazing remedy with you.

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