Introducing the Eczema Honey On-the-Go Travel Bundle

Introducing the Eczema Honey On-the-Go Travel Bundle

Some of the most requested types of products we get from customers are travel-sized products. This is for good reason: you never know when eczema flare-ups will occur whether you’re dealing with eczema yourself or caring for a child who has eczema. Pack the items in your gym bag, your carry-on, a diaper bag, or your purse wherever life takes you. 

All of the items in the travel kit are 100% TSA-friendly since they are all under 3.4 oz. Be sure to follow TSA regulations and pack the items in a clear ziplock bag when going through security. Just to give you even more peace-of-mind, we even tested out carrying the travel bundle through security ourselves the last time we were flying and had zero issues!

Finally, the Eczema Honey On-the-Go Travel bundle makes a great gift to give to someone who has eczema that spends a lot of time outside of the house. It’s also a nice way to try out certain Eczema Honey products that you may have never used. You’ll even save money while doing so!

Eczema Honey Gentle Face and Body Lotion Stick

We originally designed the lotion stick to be a convenient way to apply soothing relief whenever needed. The travel bundle includes the full-size version of the Lotion Stick since the size is already under 3.4 ounces. The lotion stick is also a great to apply to the skin while on a flight since there’s no fussing around with scooping cream out of a jar. 

Eczema Honey Nourishing Lip Balm

Don’t go on a flight without one! The air is often extremely dry while flying on a plane which leads to chapped lips and cracking. The problem is often exacerbated for people who have eczema. The nourishing and moisturizing blend of beeswax, essential oils, and mango butter will keep your lips moisturized even in the harshest conditions!

Travel Size Eczema Honey Witch Hazel & Aloe Spray

We made our powerful and naturally itch-fighting Witch Hazel & Aloe spray into a convenient mini 2 ounce size! Despite its small size, it still can be used for hundreds of sprays to calm down those nasty itchy flare-ups whenever they strike. 

Two Eczema Honey Mini Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Sometimes there isn’t really a replacement for an oatmeal bath. And nothing calms and moisturizes the skin like our bath bombs do. Our travel bundle includes 2 mini bath bombs so you can conveniently take them to a hotel room and enjoy a relaxing bath. We find it especially helpful in areas with sub-par water quality that can often leave skin feeling dry. This helps to counteract that drying effect and instead your skin will be glossy and moisturized. 

The Eczema Honey Soothing Travel (TSA Friendly) Bundle features:

  • Eczema Honey Gentle Face and Body Lotion Stick Portable, mess-free, and easy-to-apply for long lasting hydration without the drying effect of lotions that contain water
  • Eczema Honey Nourishing Lip Balm Easy on-the-go addition to refresh and renew your lips with deep moisture.
  • Eczema Honey Premium Mini Witch Hazel and Aloe Spray- 2oz Provides you with deep cleansing and hydration 
  • Two Eczema Honey Mini Oatmeal Bath Bombs (2) Now you can take a calming bath and give your body all the moisture and nutrients in an all-in-one bath bomb

Buy it now - $24.95:

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