How To Choose Best Non-Drying Hand Sanitizer

How To Choose Best Non-Drying Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene is imperative for keeping clean during these unprecedented times. As a result, the use of hand sanitizers and soaps has increased significantly.

Of course, frequent handwashing is also extremely important. However, most hand soaps and sanitizers are harsh to the skin and cause excessive dryness. 

Choosing a skin-friendly hygiene product is crucial for the protection of hands. To avoid dehydrated skin due to repeated hand washing, be mindful of the following factors:

  • Anti-microbial ingredients of hand sanitizers
  • Moisturizing agents in hand sanitizers
  • Consistency of hand sanitizer

Which Anti-microbial Ingredients Are Best For People with Sensitive Skin?

Hand sanitizers have anti-microbial chemicals that help to clean. However, some anti-microbial constituents are more skin protective than others.

  • Alcohol
    Alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill germs at a concentration of more than 70%. It dissolves the protein molecules in the wall of bacteria and viruses. The structural disruption in the cell membrane allows the entry of water into the cells. Eventually, the drowning of bacteria and viruses renders them ineffective. 

    Many different alcohols are used for this purpose, but ethanol or ethyl alcohol is skin-friendly compared to other alcohols, which is why we've included it in our formulation for our Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer Gel. It evaporates quickly and has a gentle interaction with the skin.

    Non-alcoholic disinfectants have a higher potential of irritating the skin. Ingredients like iodine, ammonia, and chlorine should be avoided because they increase the risk of water loss from the skin, causing dryness, which can aggravate eczema

  • Organic acids
    Organic acids containing hand sanitizers are better because they are gentle on the skin. Citric acid is hypoallergenic and suitable for hands.  

Which Moisturizing Ingredient Should Be Present In Hand Sanitizer?

Disinfectants, no matter how safe, always have a mild to moderate drying effect on the skin. So, you need to pick a hand sanitizer rich in moisturizing compounds. Three types of moisturizing substances that can help are as follows:

  • Humectants
    Humectants settle on the skin and attract water from deeper layers as well as the atmosphere.

    The compounds like hyaluronic acid and honey prove excellent humectants and help your skin in retaining moisture. This accumulation of water in the skin prevents dryness, caused by harsh chemicals, and protects hands.

  • Occlusives
    Occlusives are oily compounds that form protective layer on your skin. Since oils repel water, they act as synthetic water-proof seal and reduce the evaporation of water from the superficial layers of your skin.

    Hand sanitizers containing mineral oils, beeswax, and essential oils are better for sensitive skin due to their ability to preserve skin moisture.

  • Emollients
    Emollients like glycerin or aloe vera gel strengthen the natural water-retaining ability of the skin, which is why we've included glycerin in our Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer Gel.

    The stratum corneum of the epidermis has cells tightly bound together by fat molecules. This layer is a natural barrier against moisture loss from the hands. Its strengthening reduces water loss across the skin layers.

    So, a hand sanitizer with emollient significantly masks the drying effect of chemicals that kill bacteria.

What Should Be Consistency Of Hand Sanitizer?

The hand sanitizers are available in multiple formulations:

  • Gel
  • Liquid
  • Foam

Due to their gentle nature, foamy hand sanitizers or soaps are superior. 

Gel and foam hand sanitizers have extra thickening agents than the liquid form. They increase the gooeyness and make sanitizer easy to dispense. Foam sanitizers or soaps are also leathery and stay on the skin for a longer time to kill germs. In contrast, liquids evaporate readily, which reduces the contact time.

According to a survey among healthcare workers, nurses state that professionals with problematic skin prefer foamy sanitizer over the other formulations. The foam leaves a hydrated and smooth feeling on the skin.
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