How Camille Knowles (Author, Health Coach, and Natural Chef) Fights Eczema with a Purpose

How Camille Knowles (Author, Health Coach, and Natural Chef) Fights Eczema with a Purpose

This guest interview comes courtesy of Camille Knowles, a Health Coach, Natural Chef, and Author of the book The Beauty of Eczema. Through her life journey, she has learned effective ways to empower those with eczema and fight with a purpose. You can learn more about her at her website:

Eczema Honey: Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Camille:  Hello lovelies, my name is Camille Knowles, age 27 and I am the proud Founder/ author of The Beauty of Eczema ™

Eczema Honey: How old were you when you developed eczema? 

Camille: I was 6 years old

Eczema Honey: What are some of your known eczema triggers?

Camille: The environment, weather conditions, stress, and food  (gluten, dairy, and sugar).

Eczema Honey: What does your daily skincare routine look like? What are some products that you use routinely? 

Camille: I shower in the morning and use my homemade castor oil, natural shampoo, and conditioner. Then I sometimes use a body scrub. After showering, I then dry off and moisturize from head to toe. In the evening, I have a bath with salts, oils, and I use the eczema honey scalp oil on my head as a treatment while I soak! After I come out of the bath, I follow up with a moisturizer. 

Eczema Honey: What does your diet look like and have you made any adjustments to your diet due to eczema?

Camille: I eat wholesome foods and avoid gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. For breakfast, I have chia pudding, a smoothie bowl, or avocado toast. For lunch, I like to keep it light with a quinoa bowl, and for dinner, I try to eat organic fish with vegetables! 

Eczema Honey: Knowing you have professional experience as a health coach, what piece of advice can you give to those who currently struggle living a life with eczema and are seeking relief? 

Camille: 'Bio individuality’ is very important, this means that we are all different and what advice may work for one person may not work for another. It is important to always listen to your body. It is also important to take a whole lifestyle approach to living a life beyond eczema. That means looking at your home environment, your mindset, your skincare products, your career, the way you move your body, as well as the food you eat. You need to consider the stress you may have in your life and the support you have around you. This is the foundation of my HOPE principles found in my book “The Beauty of Eczema”. 

Eczema Honey: What inspired you to write “The Beauty of Eczema” and share your personal experience with the world? 

Camille: Six years ago, I was hospitalized because of my eczema. I was on the verge of giving up as I couldn’t bear to live with this condition for the rest of my life. I was 21 at the time and had my whole life ahead of me, but all I could feel was a pain. I decided at that moment if I was able to find HOPE, to live a life beyond eczema again, it would be my mission to share my story and learnings with the world. I am grateful and happy with how far I have come today. I managed to pull myself out of a dark place, and my story and book have been able to help people all around the world, “my warrior tribe.” 

Eczema Honey: Without giving too much information away, what can readers look forward to from your book? And how is your book broken down? 

Camille: The first section of the book is about my personal story. I share my journey and struggles to live with eczema, and I wanted to keep this part real so my readers could relate to my story and not feel alone. I then speak about the principles of HOPE, which I created as a practice to live my best life beyond eczema. I write how these have helped my condition and how they could help anyone out there suffering from a similar skin condition like eczema.

Eczema Honey: You mention the book is a guide to living a life beyond eczema by practicing the principles of Hope. How have these principles changed your life? 

Camille: I live by these principles, and they have taught me to enjoy my skin in its healthy condition. They are a tool to turn to when I haven’t been focused on my well-being. This is an excellent way to self-check and figure out which HOPE principle I need to focus on the most. It differs from month to month, but I find that when I have all of them in balance, I live a positive life beyond eczema!

Eczema Honey: Did you face challenges while writing and was it difficult to reflect on your past experiences from when you had eczema? 

Camille: Yes, more than I realized it would. I had to reflect on that dark time and re-live the pain so I could share my experiences and knowledge in my book. Now I remember what I have been through quite vividly, and it’s something I am trying to learn how to let go of. I want to continue to share my story with others and spread “HOPE” to other eczema sufferers who are struggling. 

Eczema Honey: Do you have a mentor or someone you look up to that inspires you? 

Camille: Anyone that has managed to turn their life around from a dark place inspires me!  Those that have overcome mental health, anxiety, eating disorders, or skin conditions like eczema continue to inspire me. 

Eczema Honey: How did you hear about Eczema Honey?

Camille: I was approached last year by your brand to work together on a collaboration right before my book launch! :) 

Eczema Honey: What are your thoughts about Eczema Honey?

Camille: I LOVE the Eczema Honey Nourishing Soothing Scalp oil; it’s my favorite product in the line! I am so happy to have come across a brand like Eczema Honey, who is making a difference and helping eczema warriors conquer their skin condition, by educating them and providing a natural line of products — looking forward to seeing what’s to come. 

Eczema Honey: What is one thing you want friends, family, and followers to know about eczema? 

Camille: Have empathy. Our skin is our largest organ; having a skin condition is painful and mentally challenging. Send love to anyone you know who may be struggling; your kind words could help turn their day around. <3

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