How Ayzia Beats Eczema in Her Daily Life

How Ayzia Beats Eczema in Her Daily Life

Eczema Honey’s Guest interview with Ayzia who blogs on:

EH (Eczema Honey): What was it like growing up with Eczema?

Ayzia: Eczema has been a part of my life since I was a child. Throughout the years I’ve had flare-ups at different stages of life. My flare-ups were especially worse going into kindergarten. That was the first time I realized that there was something different about my skin compared to other kids. When I entered my teenage years, I was always conscious about the products I was starting to use. It was important to keep my skin moisturized and find products that didn’t aggravate my skin (no fragrances, no harmful chemicals).

EH: What age did you develop eczema at?

Ayzia: I have had eczema my entire life.

EH: What triggered your eczema and what are your eczema triggers?

Ayzia: Stress is the biggest one! Also environmental factors like weather and seasonal changes that make my skin dry.

EH: How is your day to day life affected by eczema?

Ayzia: I don’t consider my eczema life altering but more of an annoyance. It’s not like every day I need to use a particular product or I won’t make it through the day, which I consider myself lucky for. I get eczema on the sides of my face and neck folds (these are more manageable spots for me) I also get eczema on the inside of the elbows, underneath chest area which are more uncomfortable and harder to manage.

EH: What does your daily skincare routine look like? What specific products do you use and can’t live without?

Ayzia: Body lotion, oatmeal soap bars, Eczema Honey Cream and Nourishing Scalp Oil.

EH: What are your top 3 skin concerns?

Ayzia:  Dryness is my biggest concern. I naturally have dry skin so I always have to think about this. Redness. Sensitivity - I look for products that are suitable for sensitive skin.

EH: What does your diet look like? Have you found certain foods to help improve your eczema? Are you allergic to anything in particular that triggers your eczema? 

Ayzia: 2 years ago I had eliminated diary from my diet and still follow this. I have seen improvement with having less flare-ups after this change. I eat less sugary grain foods such as pastries and have seen improvements in my skin. I try to maintain a balanced diet and eat more vegetables to help promote overall good health.

EH: How did you hear about our brand?

Ayzia: I saw an ad on Instagram before I had started my personal blog and was intrigued by your products because they were made with natural ingredients. I was excited to treat my eczema holistically rather than relying on steroid or different medications. Then naturally when I began blogging, I reached out to your brand to collaborate.

EH: What type of products did you use prior to eczema honey?

Ayzia: Steroid prescription creams.

EH: What is your favorite product in our line and why?

Ayzia: All of your products have been really great! I love the honey cream and nourishing scalp oil. For the scalp oil, I like the formulation and consistency of the product. My scalp has been something I wasn’t sure how to treat and wasn’t sure what kind of products to use for it. It’s light and a little goes a long way. I can add a little to my hair without feeling like I have to redo my hair.

I like the oatmeal scrub because it is similar to an oatmeal bar I use. It helps with scrubbing the flakiness off my skin and soothes flare-ups on the body.

Miracle healing cream-  I like how it feels good on my skin when applied directly to flare-ups. It immediately calms down any inflammation.  

EH: Did you see a difference in your skin condition after using our products? What results did you see?

Ayzia: I have used the miracle honey cream the longest and like to use it in place of prescription steroid creams. It gives similar results, however it is a better alternative to steroid creams, since it is made with natural ingredients. The honey cream reduces inflammation and calms flare-ups and I use steroid creams as back up. When using the oatmeal scrub, I instantly feel smooth skin and the flakiness disappears. It feels very soothing and my skin feels very soft after.

EH: Any suggestions in terms of any new products that you would like to see from EH?

Ayzia: Easier to take on the go products! Perhaps a stick cream or roll on cream that you can throw in your bag.

EH: How has it been talking about your eczema with your friends, family, fans?

Ayzia: By having eczema my entire life, I have been open with discussing my skin condition with family and friends. I’ve been seen by a dermatologist at a young age and my parents have been very involved and supportive. Growing up they always supported me in trying different treatments for my eczema to see what would work and help me find relief. They were also mindful about the products they bought for me as well making sure it would benefit my condition.

My blog has been an amazing opportunity for me and a space where I can connect with other girls who experience similar struggles. I built a community where I can speak openly and receive an abundance of love as well as support when needed. It has been a positive outlet for me where fans even help me with recommending products related to various topics.

EH: What advice would you give to people who are also suffering with eczema?

Ayzia: I would advise people to keep trying different things related to diet, lifestyle, and skincare. I’ve tried different relaxation methods for stress since I know that is one of my biggest triggers. It’s important to understand your body but as you are starting out try to be open to trying new methods and products that work for you. Not everyone’s eczema is the same but once you find something that works for you then stick to it! Then work on building a regimen that benefits you.


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Eczema Honey Original Healing Cream

Natural Soothing Scalp Oil

Oatmeal Scrub


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Do I have to order this on line. Or does anyone locally have this product? I need it now. My grandson has eczema so bad.


I love the cream. Wish it had been around when I was young . I use it on my hands and feet . I
Am 63 and ihave had eczema since birth. Rate breakouts now most on hands . It is a miracle how good this feels on my skin 💜🌻


Thank you for sharing Ayzia’s blog. I too have extreme issues, since child hood an suffer still, now in my 60’s. (Eyes, neck, hands) have used so many steroids when younger and now have osteopenia, which I believe contributed. I’m giving EH a try, so far so good, very soothing. I’ll have to work on my dairy and sugar. Thank you so much for your info.


Great interview! I’m going to try these products on my son. Hes a 37 y.o. Disabled Dependent Adult & we’ve dealt w/his Eczema all of his life. Steroid creams have thinned an area on 1 of his arms so I’m very excited to see how he does w/these products.

Michele Bradley

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