Eczema Honey Reveals Our Brand New Multi Peptide Eye Cream!

Eczema Honey Reveals Our Brand New Multi Peptide Eye Cream!

The eyes are the window to the soul, as the old saying goes. It’s why we pay special attention to making good eye contact when speaking with people.

And, of course, individuals routinely wear makeup to emphasize their eyes. Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t spend much time taking care of the skin that protects their eyes. Skincare professionals recommend using eye cream to keep your eyelids looking and feeling better. Instead of wearing dark sunglasses to hide the painful skin area around your eyes, it’s better to find a source of relief.

For people who are subject to eczema flare-ups, what you put on your skin during outbreaks can make a difference in how long it takes to feel some relief from this painful condition.

Eczema Honey Multi Peptide Eye CreamEczema Honey Multi Peptide Eye Cream

That’s why the team at Eczema Honey is so excited to announce the release of our new Multi Peptide Eye Cream!

It can’t come out too soon. According to the National Eczema Association, 31.6 million people in the United States suffer from eczema (often referred to as atopic dermatitis). And in a worrying sign, the NEA reports that incidents of childhood atopic dermatitis have grown from 8% to 12% between 1997 and now. About 25% of people experience this painful condition as adult-onset eczema.

You’ll be glad to know that our new eye cream is ideal for those who are looking for something gentle for eczema, dryness, and irritation around their eyes and who would like some anti aging ingredients as well.

Eczema Honey Multi Peptide Eye Cream uses a soothing and gentle blend of peptides, oatmeal, and almond oil.

What Kind of Ingredients Are in Eczema Honey Multi Peptide Eye Cream?

Here’s a list of the main ingredients in our new Eczema Honey Multi Peptide Eye Cream, followed by a description of the key natural, gentle ingredients designed to help you care for your skin.

Key Ingredients:

At Eczema Honey, we take pride in the natural, gentle creams we provide. Here are details on the key ingredients in Multi Peptide Eye Cream:

  • Anti-aging Peptides: Our carefully blended combination of 4 tripeptides with lipopeptides, shown to revitalize the eye area by plumping out the look of wrinkles, from the inside, helping to soften out your crow’s feet.

    They are designed to reduce the appearance of eye bags as they lift skin and strengthen the elastin. The peptides serve to conceal circles under the eyes, making the skin grow firmer while boosting collagen production. What’s more, they soothe the delicate, sensitive skin’s texture through gentle refinement.
  • Apple Extract and Rosehip Oil: These ingredients are known to be powerful antioxidants. The poplyphenol and omega fatty acids from these sources provide skin regeneration.
  • Shea Butter: You’ll love how the shea butter in our multi peptide eye cream helps to lock in moisture. It soothes irritated skin due to its linoleic, oleic, and palmitic fatty acids.
  • Honey: This is a signature ingredient in the Honey Eczema line of soothing skincare products. Honey is used to hydrate skin and nourish it, so it stays soft and remains radiant and glows with a healthy look.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal: Another chief ingredient going into our products, colloidal oatmeal comforts your skin and soothes painful, itchy sensations.

Eczema Honey Multi Peptide Eye Cream

Comfort for Your Eyelids, Delivered Right to Your Door

With millions of people suffering from eczema in the U.S., skincare is becoming a growing concern. Some folks focus on their arms or other areas where their skin is irritated or itchy. But irritation can strike any part of your skin barrier, and we need to keep remedies close at hand.

So, never take your eyelids for granted. The thin skin that helps shield our eyes is just as prone to irritation as the rest of the skin barrier, after all. And this goes double for eczema patients, who already have their hands full, so to speak, in treating their painful flare-ups.

If you have eczema or are concerned about a friend or family member who suffers from this condition, it would be a good idea to check out our new Multi Peptide Eye Cream as soon as possible.

We are standing by to answer any questions you might have about our skincare products, their ingredients and how they can help you take better care of yourself, so feel free to contact us today!

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