Be Blemish Free Even While Wearing A Mask

Be Blemish Free Even While Wearing A Mask

For many of us, wearing a facemask is a normal part of our daily life. Wearing one for long periods can cause facial irritation, eczema, and even blemishes - maskne. Some options reduce the risk of maskne. Keep reading as we provide some options to remain safe and maskne-free. 

Let's break down what maskne is and why it occurs?

Maskne is a new term, and it refers to pimples, blackheads, and other irritation on your cheeks, chin, nose, and around your mouth caused by wearing a facial covering. In the medical community, maskne is known as acne mechanica, but don't let the name fool you. Maskne is more than just acne. 

Several things happen when you wear a face covering. First, the material can cause irritation where it touches your skin. Facial irritation is more prevalent where the fabric or material bunches or lays on the skin. Another factor is that as we breathe, we create a hot and steamy environment that opens pores and can cause us to sweat. Makeup, dirt, sweat, and other debris can more easily become trapped in the pores causing blackheads and acne to form. 

While the exact triggers for eczema are not known, skin irritation can trigger flare-ups. 

Maskne includes all of these skin issues - acne, blackheads, eczema, blotchy skin, dry skin, and more. These are each exacerbated by wearing a face covering. Because not all face coverings are made of the same material, some may cause more issues than others. 

Finding the Best Material for Face Coverings and Masks

Due to the humid environment created by breathing into a facemask, breathable cotton earns the highest marks. The softness of polyester helps prevent chaffing, and masks that offer a mixture of help keep the skin dryer and free of irritation. An excellent example of what a quality face-covering looks like, check out the Eczema Honey face covering options. They feature three layers, including an outer layer that is 100% cotton and an inner polyester layer that is soft and non-abrasive. They also feature a sewn-in wire to help fit the mask to your face, but best of all, they are washable and long-lasting. This means that you can keep the mask you wear all day clean and because it is reusable, you don't have to break in a new mask all the time. Clean, soft, and hygienic are three words that help to keep your face protected and beautiful. 

What Can You Do to Prevent Maskne and Tips for Treating Maskne? 

Our skin is the largest organ our body has. Here are some tips and ideas for keeping your face and skin in top shape. 

  1. Hydrate and Clean - For it to function at peak health, it needs a lot of water. You can do your entire body a favor by keeping yourself hydrated. In terms of face care, keep your skin clean. Wash your face both in the morning and before you go to bed. Use gentle products that match your skin type. 
  2. Care for Your Skin More Often - Keeping your skin and face hydrated and clean is the first step. The next level is to build a quality face treatment routine that goes beyond just cleansing your skin, especially if you start to breakout. The key is to keep your skin moist, but not overly saturated. Dry skin is easier to irritate and one of the pre-symptoms for eczema. Keeping the skin clean helps prevent blackheads and acne. A good tip is to use a clean moisturizer that increases your skin's health by preventing dryness and itchiness. Clean moisturizes work to hydrate the skin without ingredients that block pores or lead to blackheads or acne. 
  3. Wash your mask daily - A clean mask not only is free of contaminants - germs, bacteria, and viruses, it is also free of yesterday's sweat, grime, and soil. It helps your face immensely to remain clean, and keeping your mask clean is one of the easiest ways to do that. 
  4. Go makeup-free - Thick foundations and concealers will clog pores and are not necessary under a mask. When pores become clogged, they can become inflamed or infected, leading to other skin issues, such as eczema flare ups. 
  5. Reduce Exfoliation - Exfoliation abraids the skin. If you are prone to acne, blackheads, or eczema, avoid deep exfoliation or exfoliating too often. Over exfoliating can cause inflammation and remove the healthy layers of our skin. It can also cause our pores not to correctly function, leading to blackheads, acne, and eczema. 
  6. Avoid Touching Your Face - Our hands are often contaminated with all kinds of germs, grime, oil, salts, and other things. Keep your face clean by not touching it. If the area under your mask itches, try to pat it through the mask. A quality mask will help keep the itchy feeling to a minimum by keeping the skin hydrated but not saturated or dry. 
Maskne is a real problem, but there these tips help you to control maskne before it starts. By using a quality mask that you can keep clean, and that fits your face without causing irritation, you are keeping yourself safe during these unprecedented times. By using quality face products in conjunction with a well thought out facial cleansing routine, you help keep your skin healthy and full of beauty. These little tips are easy to apply, even to a busy schedule, and they are powerful tools that help your skin radiate beauty and poise. 

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