Apps and Gadgets to Help You Manage Your Uncomfortable Eczema

Apps and Gadgets to Help You Manage Your Uncomfortable Eczema

The smartphone that you carry in your pocket, purse or briefcase may hold the key to helping you do better at managing your painful eczema symptoms.

There are mobile apps as well devices that people with eczema can take advantage of.

You don’t need to be a tech expert to take advantage of eczema-friendly apps. And a new device for your home may make all the difference in how you care for your skin barrier, going forward.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to always have gentle, soothing creams and lotions to keep your skin as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Useful Devices for Individuals With Eczema

There are some devices you can buy to set up in your home or workspace to help with painful eczema symptoms.

A report from Everyday Health recommends that people with eczema (or individuals who have a friend or relative with eczema) get a humidifier. This device will help you keep your skin moisturized, which is crucial for maintaining your skin barrier and keeping moisture in.

Anyone who has experienced the discomfort of dry, cracked skin will appreciate a machine that makes the air stay moist.

An air purifier can also bring relief to eczema sufferers. This kind of device is useful for removing allergens, which are known to trigger painful flare-ups. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions about how often to replace the air filter, so you’ll get the most benefit from the unit.

How Smartphone Apps Can Assist People With Eczema

You might be using the handheld computer known as your smartphone to run applications more than you use your desktop or laptop computer. With smartphones being virtually in everybody’s hands, developers know it’s a good idea to develop software for these small platforms.

That’s good news for people with eczema.

Health Central weighed in, noting we’re living in a digital world and that people with eczema might as well give mobile apps a try. It suggested software for your smartphone to help keep track of notes you take on your condition, monitor symptoms and even find a dermatologist.

Members of the eczema community will want to use smartphone apps to help them manage and make sense of their uncomfortable symptoms.

Eczema Tracker

There’s no need to wrack your brain, trying to remember symptoms of your eczema and the timing of recent skin flare-ups. Instead, try the Eczema Tracker app. You use it to track, review and even analyze your eczema triggers. What’s more, the app offers you information on local pollen counts, the prevalence of mold and weather information, including humidity levels.

All these factors are useful to be aware of when managing eczema. Correlating discomfort and flare-ups with food you recently ate is easier with a smartphone app.

Eczema Tracker: Eczema Tracker

Apple App Store: Eczema Tracker

iControl Eczema

Great for parents and designed to be user-friendly to children, the iControl Eczema app helps you assess daily eczema symptoms, taking photos regularly to assist in tracking their severity.

After you input enough information, over time you can view your daily eczema score in the form of a graph. Then, you can email the data to your health care provider. That’s a great way to give the doctor insight into your eczema in between office appointments.

Apple App Store: iControl Eczema

Google Play Store: iControl Eczema

My Pain Diary & Symptom Tracker

One unfortunate aspect of eczema is the discomfort and pain that patients feel. This is where the My Pain Diary can help. Not only do you use it to collect notes about your painful sensations, you can also use the app to keep track of any medications you are using. It’s also designed to monitor the local weather (or wherever you will be visiting soon) for predicting and managing eczema flare-ups.

As you enter details, you’ll follow prompts to rate pain in terms of intensity and duration. This is valuable for comparing how much discomfort you feel at different times, which you can then more readily connect with other events, from weather, to stress and all other triggers.

My Pain Diary: My Pain Diary

Apple App Store: My Pain Diary & Symptom Tracker


What’s the meaning of the appearance of your skin, especially during a severe outbreak of eczema? Instead of worrying or waiting until you can get an appointment with a physician in a brick-and-mortar office setting, you can arrange a virtual meeting instead.

People with eczema can use the SkyMD app to submit photos of their skin to a sympathetic dermatologist, via the Internet. The developers say it’s an app designed to allow for telehealth sessions 24/7.

Apple App Store: SkyMD 24/7 Telehealth

Smartphone Apps for Help With Eczema While You’re Out and About

Since a smartphone is such a useful device, letting us communicate, play games, conduct business, shop and a whole host of other activities in between, it makes sense for people to add it to their eczema self-care regime. And gadgets such as air humidifiers and air purifiers are great examples of how ordinary technology can be used to bring relief to people with a painful skin condition.

If you’ve had success with a particular device or app in managing your eczema, we’d appreciate it if you’d share your experience with fellow readers, in the comments section below.



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