10 Recommendations on How Best to Deal with the Shift to Colder Weather

10 Recommendations on How Best to Deal with the Shift to Colder Weather

Enjoy beautiful winter skin and leave the itchy, blotchy, dry skin of winter behind. These ten skincare recommendations help you build a skin-care routine that fits your skin type while addressing your skin's health needs. 

  • Start by understanding your skin type. We see it a lot in product descriptions - for oily skin, for dry skin. Which type of skin do you have? If you've not done so yet, talk with a dermatologist and let them help you understand your skin type. They are, after all, skin experts. 
  • Start from the Inside out. Our skin has many layers, and each layer needs care and attention. Our skin is the largest organ that our body has, and it is essential to focus on skin-health for all seven layers of skin. For the most part, it is easier to break the layers of skin into three parts - The Epidermis or outer layers, the dermis or middle layers, and the subcutaneous fatty layer. What can you do to help keep all of the layers of skin healthy? Eat foods that support skin health. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. Avoid overly salty foods, and clean your skin with mild soaps. Vitamin D is an excellent component for healthy skin. 
    • Cold weather dries the outer layer of skin, and it cracks. Those cracks are what causes it to itch. You can help slow or stop that process by using a quality moisturizer every day. Be sure to use products that match your skin type and or the degree of winterization where you live. If you live in Hawaii, the degree of winter you experience is much different from living in Michigan. The best time to apply moisturizer is when you are just out of the shower. The skin's pores are open, and the skin is supple. If needed, use a moisturizer several times per day, especially if you have to be outside for more extended periods. 
    • Adopt a Skin-care Routine Designed for Your Skin - Avoid exfoliating your skin as it sloughs off dry skin. Use products that match your skin type. Gentle soaps are enough to cleanse your skin, and there is no need to wash your face and hands more than once per day. If you wear makeup, consider using moisturizing products that are lighter rather than thick. Be sure to remove makeup at the end of each day. 
    • Keep it Warm. When it comes to washing your face and taking showers, opts for warm water over hot water. Hot water damages our skin as much, if not more than the cold winter weather. Warm showers open up the skin's pores, making it easier to clean the skin without damaging it. Be sure to pat the skin dry over scrubbing it. A soft towel is all that is needed to dry the skin. Your skin will absorb some moisture from the show, and that's a good thing. 
    • Counter The Winter Weather - Cold weather is drying. When you are inside, turn on the humidifier and keep the living space in your home moist. Check the settings on your HVAC to see if there is an option for increasing the humidity level. If so, consider adjusting the humidity level. If not, consider purchasing an in-room humidifier, especially for your bedroom. 
    • Dress to Protect. The cold is only one factor of winter weather that is drying. The wind is another aspect of winter weather that is overly drying. Be sure to bundle up and cover as much of your skin as possible when outside. In addition to moisturizer, consider a quality lip balm to help protect your lips too. 
    • Stay In on Bad Days - When the winter temperatures drop, stay indoors. The colder the weather, the more damaging it is. Frostbite is no joke, so minimize the time you spend outdoors on the coldest days. 
    • On warmer, sunny days, remember to use SPF products as even the winter sun can cause skin damage. Aim for a sunscreen that moisturizes and protects. Most doctors recommend an SPF rating of 15 or higher, even in the winter. 
    • Decrease your risk of Skin Cancer - Avoid suntanning, even at a spa or salon. Artificial tanning, such as a tanning bed, damage your skin too. 

    Winter is just three months long, but your skin is something you live with every day. Step up your skin-care routine and enjoy the benefits of healthy, beautiful skin. 

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