Steroids for Eczema?

Steroids for Eczema?

Eczema Honey Presents: Your Skin Questions Answered by Dr. Papri Sarkar.

Dr. Sarkar is an active member of several professional organizations including the American Academy of Dermatology, New England Dermatologic Society, Women’s Dermatologic Society and the American Medical Association. 

Questions answered in this video:

1. Is eczema better controlled with steroids or natural creams?

2. Other than sunscreen, gentle cleanser, and use of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, any other daily treatments to help keep your skin healthy and moisturized while living in desert climate?

3. How long does the treatment of eczema take and is there a drug prescription to help fight it?

4. What are the concerns with using topical steroids?

5. How can we make sure that we are correctly managing our steroid cream use?

6. Why does my skin always clear up when I'm on steroids and antibiotics? Is there anything I can take regularly that has the same effect on my skin without the negative side effects of being on those strong medications?

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Where can I watch the video?


Can salt baths help soothe eczema skin?


Thanks for the tip on the hydrator and bleach bath!


I have used every thing on the market. Nothing works. When it does clear up it leaves marks. What can I do about this.

Julie Engelbracht

My daughter has severe eczema which we think are caused by allergies (testing to be done soon). She has been on topical steroids since before she was 1 years old. Since starting the steroids, her growth slowed significantly. Our doctor (new ped) suggested the steroids were hindering her physical growth. Could this be possible? We used it whenever her skin would flare up, which was a lot. The topical cream was like a bandaid but the next day it would be just as bad. We didn’t know what else to do, we kept using the cream because it gave her some relief from the itching. It is so hard to see your kid so uncomfortable!


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