Guest Review: Eczema Honey

An honest review about an eczema honey healing cream product
The below blog post was written by our guest blogger - Sandra Sosic! #repost
So there I was, minding my own business per usual and I notice that my Pinterest is absolutely riddled with sponsored posts by a company named Eczema Honey. At first I ignored it like most sponsored posts, but this one was relentless and followed me everywhere. So I decided to buy this product that Pinterest really thought I needed. Mainly because this product had so many good reviews on their own site... a suspicious amount of good reviews.
I personally have spent far too much money already on buying products for eczema and I can tell you first hand: none of them are that great. So naturally, I was suspicious about some of the claims the reviewers of this product were leaving.
If you have ever had eczema, or are currently suffering from it, then you know just how unbearable the desire to scratch can be. For me it can get absolutely maddening, and anyone who's had eczema knows how sweet the relief feels when you let go and just scratch away. Unfortunately that can make the inflammation worse so you have to resist. I have allergic eczema, it seems that mainly scented lotions and cleaning products trigger it. For the most part it's easy to avoid, but sometimes I'll unknowingly sit on a desk that was recently disinfected with Lysol or something of the like and I'll get eczema on my elbows and hands from it. Point is, even if you're careful these incidents happen, so it's good to have hydrocortisone on hand.
eczema honey co healing cream for eczema sufferers
I've used Aveeno Itch Relief, and many, many hydrocortisone creams, but they don't quite offer relief for very long and are typically loaded with parabens and nasty chemicals. So when I saw this product I immediately thought this was gonna be another flop. Especially because some of the claims were too good to be true, some saying that their eczema cleared up overnight.
Lucky for you, reader, I spent the insane 30 plus dollars for this tiny little jar so that you wouldn't have to. Question is, do I think the product works and is it worth the roughly $40.00 it comes to after shipping and handling? Honest answer? Yes, but first there are a couple of cons to consider.
photo of honey healing cream for eczema and other skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, dry and itchy skin and eczema
The Pros:
  • I like that it's all natural. The ingredients are as follows: Organic Pure Honey, Organic Grated Beeswax, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, and Pure Spring Water. That's it. No scary cancer causing chemicals to worry about here. I had a weird relationship with hydrocortisone, I knew it would help my eczema temporarily but I hated putting known carcinogens on my already inflamed skin.
  • No adverse effects to report. Believe me, if there were I would have them; my skin is ridiculously sensitive. The eczema relief cream I used prior to Eczema Honey would occasionally leave my skin with rashes not related to my existing eczema.
  • This cream is very fast acting. This morning I had extremely itchy eczema on my legs and I applied a thin layer of the Eczema Honey Cream on my legs and relief came within a few seconds.
  • This cream definitely nourishes the skin after it gets a chance to sit for a couple of hours. When my skin is recovering from eczema it can be very dry and ashy, and I've found that this cream helps with that. I can't say it makes me skin "smooth" because the cream itself is a little sticky.
  • IT WORKS. Honestly, it does. I'm not even going to lie, I didn't want it to work. I felt like the whole thing was too gimmicky-- the raving reviews, outrageous claims, and the price point-- it just seemed like someone trying to make a quick buck off of vulnerable consumers. I bought the product to try and prove that it wouldn't work, and here I am. Jokes on me. However, for me it didn't work overnight like some of the reviewers said it did for them.
  • A little goes the longest way. A pea sized amount was enough to leave a thin layer of the cream on both of my legs from the knee down. With that in mind, the product may actually be cheaper than a lot of your leading eczema brands. In my experience with the Aveeno Anti Itch Cream, for example, I would have to use a dime sized dollop for each leg. The price point leads me into the first of the few cons I had with this product.
eczema honey healing cream photo
The Cons:
  • This product is rather expensive. I bought one jar and with shipping and handling I was paying just under forty dollars for about four ounces of product. For some perspective, the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm comes in at eleven ounces and costs about twenty dollars, that's almost three times the product for half the price. However, I'm also gonna defend the company here, real honey is expensive and Eczema Honey is a small company with nowhere near the resources that Aveeno has. However, to the average consumer, forty dollars is quite a high price point.
  • This one is probably obvious, but this stuff is kind of sticky. Definitely not the same as putting straight up honey on the skin, but there is certainly a detectable stickiness after the product is applied, and for me it stays sticky for a solid few hours at least. Some of their online reviewers claim this only lasts a few minutes, that is not the case with me. The first day my jar came in the mail I happened to have some eczema on my wrists and I felt the products presence on my skin constantly. It would stick to my laptop, the pages of my planner, and on my desk. In my experience, if you use this anywhere around your hands you better be ready to call it a night.
  • The wait time if you're applying this cream under clothing can be pretty annoying. This also goes along with Eczema Honey being a sticky product. I found that I have to wait at least 15 minutes before putting clothes on. Lately I've had eczema mostly on my legs, and I don't exactly want my sheets exposed to the honey so I have to put the product on while I get ready for bed and then slip on some loose bottoms like sweatpants. Not a huge deal, but something to be aware of.

image for eczema honey healing cream that is meant for healing and soothing the skin

***This post was published on 3/28/18. This is an edit made on 3/30/18.***
Eczema Honey Co has made some changes to their product since my purchase with them. This is an excerpt from an email they sent me:
I wanted to address a few cons!
1) Price - thanks for pointing out honey is expensive! It is! Especially organic honey. All of our ingredients are organic. ALSO- we offer a 100% refund if you are unhappy for ANY reason!
2)We were aware of the sticky problem and have fixed this problem by tweaking our boiling process!:) Below are a few reason as to why it was sticky and also suggestions to fix it!
We do not use any preservatives or unnatural chemicals which may cause the ingredients to separate - hence the sticky feeling you experienced. We have tweaked our boiling process for future batches so that the ingredients stay fused together.
I suggest continuing to stir together before applying to your skin and keep in the fridge or freezer. Also, we suggest two ways of applying. A small amount (dime sized) - rub that amount in for easy absorption. Some customers are putting in water based moisturizers after application to help with the stickiness. You can also apply larger amount and applied as a 20-minute mask, then wash off using a clean towelette.
3) the wait time is addresses in number two!"
They were very kind in their emails with me about this, and they had very good customer service when I purchased this product with them in the first place.
***END EDIT***
Alright, so all in all I would buy this product again, but only if it stays at their original thirty dollar price point, and honestly for me even that's a little steep because I'm cheap. On their website right now it seems as though they're promoting this product as half off, the original price is $59.99 dollars, plus tax, plus shipping and handling. Although this price point is high for me, I believe many people would still be interested in this product because it does provide a tremendous amount of itch relief and is incredibly moisturizing. Redness relief didn't occur overnight for me, but there was a very visible improvement over the course of 24 hours.
So without further ado, here is my before and after of an eczema outbreak I had on my hand. The after picture was taken 36 hours after the original. I will say now that I'm able to see very close up detail due to macro photography I can tell that my skin did pull together a little from the product, making it look kind of wrinkled. This is temporary though-- I haven't worn the cream since beginning the edit of the photos for this post and my skin looks normal now.
before and after image of eczema sufferer who is using eczema honey co healing cream on her hands that had eczema
I will leave a link to the Eczema Honey Co website down below. I'm not sponsored by this company, but I do think the product offers a tremendous amount of eczema relief, and I started this blog so I could help people with whatever problems they might have, and I can say that this product absolutely helps.
If you want to learn more about this product or read other reviews visit their site at Eczema Honey Co
I really hope this post helped you decide whether or not you should try this product, or perhaps this if your first time hearing about it and you've been looking for a new healing cream. I will be writing more posts about skincare and how I manage my dry, problem prone skin, so if that's something you're interested in definitely bookmark my site. I post about a variety of topics on a weekly basis. My social media links are all in the top right corner of my site if you want to stay up to date on posts. Thank you so much for reading, if you have any questions of comments please leave a comment below, and I'll get back to you soon!
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I have eczema in my forehead/scalp. Would i be able to get a sample ?
Jessica Rodriguez December 05, 2018

Does anyone know if it works on hives?

Nancy Triplett November 12, 2018

I live in Canada. And wondering where can I buy this product?

Thank you,

Jane Cruz November 12, 2018

I’m so happy I tried this honey. It really works and better than any other product I have ever tried.

Rick Saragoza July 15, 2018

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