Guest Blog by Southern Dakota Mama: Dealing with Infant Eczema

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Dealing with infant eczema can be a constant battle and there is nothing worse than seeing your child uncomfortable. The itching, the scratching, and then the bleeding. This is the process that Oaklynn went through every single day due to eczema and dry scalp. She would scratch at her arms, legs, and scalp to the point where they would bleed, leaving them covered in scabs. I tried slathering her with coconut oil, olive oil, and Aquaphor. They did relieve her scratching some, although I did not think it was sufficient enough and Aquaphor was not something that I wanted to keep using for the long run.

This is when I began searching high and low for high quality products that were actually made for eczema and dry scalp. And just like that I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across Eczema Honey and instantly knew, this is something that I had to try.


First of all, I love how Eczema Honey uses high quality ingredients. Such as beeswax for intense moisturizing, pure honey which contains antibacterial properties, almond oil to soothe dry skin (there is a nut-free option, which I ordered for Oaklynn since she is only nine months), and sunflower oil that forms a protective layer. No putting carcinogens and cancer causing chemicals on yours or your little ones skin. I mean it already sounds amazing, right?

Better yet, it WORKS! Definitely the bee’s knees! When first reading all of the great reviews and people stating that it cleared them up overnight. I thought it too good to be true. So I gave it a shot, and so glad I did! Let me tell ya, this stuff is fast acting! I applied this to Oaklynn’s arms and legs and within 72 hours her skin was no longer itchy and irritated and within one week it was completely cleared up!


The soothing scalp oil is also great! After just 48 hours Oaklynn’s scalp was no longer itchy and flaky. The key ingredients include: aloe vera juice which boosts hydration, olive and jojoba oil which moisturizes, vitamin E to nourish, colloidal oatmeal to reduce inflammation and itchiness, along with honey and essential oils.


Not only can Eczema Honey be used on eczema, but it can also be used for rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis, burns, inflamed skin, dry and itchy skin, lip balm, and more!

Yes, you may think that the products are a bit spendy. Although, a little goes a long ways, a small amount (the tip of my pinky) was enough to lather both Oaklynn’s legs and arms. With that being said, a small jar of Eczema Honey will last us quite some time. I am still trying to find out what exactly causes Oaklynn’s flare ups. Although Eczema Honey gives me a piece of mind knowing that when a flare up occurs I have a back up waiting, in order to soothe her inflamed skin.

So everybody give Eczema Honey a shot! I’m almost positive you will love it. Although, if you don’t, a refund will be issued!

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Since the change of life, my wife has been plagued with eczema, and we tried everything, including doctors, with no results. Eczema Honey works! And it has staying power! Recently I also got her some Eczema Honey Bath Bomb and she’s raving about how great it feels and soothes her in the bath tub, and stays with her. Admittedly, this stuff is not cheap, but it’s made a radical improvement in her physical and emotional well-being. Thank you so much for providing her relief! —JJ

JJ May 23, 2019

I wish i took before and after pictures so i can show the difference of my sons skin rash. This honey definitely helped clear and maintain his skin rash! I cant thank you enough. This helped easy this experience since Im a first time mom and i was so worried. Thank you once again and I will recommend this honey!

Magali May 21, 2019

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